2010. The year that was.

I know we’re already halfway thru to 2011 but it isn’t late to say goodbye to 2010, is it? Well. Whatever, I would still do this. Hahaha


Looking back, 2010 felt longer than a usual year would feel like. For most people, it might be that this year just passed swiftly. But not for me. This is the year of waiting, and being patient about it. It taught me things about respect, patience, relationship, forgiveness, self-worth, finances and having fun while working hard. Also this year I was able to give “chasing the dreams” a try. It wasn’t full blown but it was a good one, at least a start.


Like 2009, this year is also eventful — I went to places and met a lot of wonderful people along the way. I started being travel-savvy in 2009, influenced by someone I loved dearly. We went to a lot of places in 2009, and we still did this past 2010 but this year was really for me in terms of travel. I went to places he haven’t been to.


Also, later part of this year was painful for me. There were learnings I wouldn’t be able to learn any other way. There were mistakes made and grudges held on to. I broke my heart and I broke it again. And though I was jaded during the late part of the year, I’m still here moving on with my life.


And yes, this year I enjoyed making love to the camera. I have several pretty shots taken by my blogger friends who are into photography. I might make a good modeling career soon. Haha. 😀


So here’s the gist of my 2010:

January – This is A and I’s first international trip. We celebrated our first anniversary touring Hong Kong and Macau. We almost got lost in Macau and we could have boarded the train to Shenzhen if we didn’t notice there are no more English signs anywhere.


February – This is my first trip with A and his family. His older sister who just came home from Canada treated us to a 4D3N getaway in Boracay. We stayed at Boracay Regency and did a lot of fun stuff together. It was also my first time in Boracay then, Oh I so love the beach!!


March – I wasn’t able to visit any place this month because I was pretty busy with all the transition happening as I transfer from one team to another.


April – is the month of longing.  A was sent to Germany and France for a company training. He was out for a month and it’s the longest we’ve been apart from each other. I can swear I almost drove myself nuts crying almost every night because I was missing him badly. I know that sounds tremendously OA.

And while A’s away, I used my free time to take care of my application for my master’s degree.

Also, this is the month I first tried to be spontaneous with regards to traveling. I joined Benj’s group during holy week in Sagada. We spent 3days up there and the experience’s priceless. I really wanna go back there. Who wants to join me? 🙂


May – I was really lucky to be picked as one of the DFAT 2010 participants. Not only that we experienced great tasting dishes and delicacies from Davao, we also had a lot of fun with zorbing and zipline adventures.


June – A and I, together with two of my closest college friends and their boyfriends, went to paradise that is the Caramoan Islands. We also spent a day in CWC in Naga. Yes. I tried wake boarding. And no, it’s not my thing. : ))


August – birthday treat from A was an overnight stay at Bellarocca Island Resort. Well, I think that’s one of the pricey-est getaway we had.


September – Mica, Sarah and I went to GenSan,  it was like a reunion because the three of us were also together in Davao for DFAT 2010. Avel and Orman hosted us.


October – This is the month I almost fell apart. Relationships were broken, spirits wounded. I still don’t know how I was able to survive it. But I’m glad I did.


November – The West Pangasinan adventure with new blogger friends! We went to Alaminos and Bolinao. I have been wanting to visit Bolinao, so when Mica invited me to join the trip she was organizing, there wasn’t any doubt when I said yes. Fun fun fun trip! And I will forever treasure the good friends I found.

And also during the later part of this month, I had yet another CDO-Camiguin trip, this time with college friends.


December – I spent most of the month recuperating from all of the unfortunate events that happened to me and to my relationship with A. We also spent the last days of the year planning for our 2011 trips, and promising each other to be better partners to each other.



Note: This post has been in the draft folder for the longest time.
Finally, I'm able to post it now. :)

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  1. hi cai! wow late year 2010 review nga. ang sad naman nung december mo… 🙁 but then, super dami mo ngang napuntahan. 🙂 at palagay ko, marami ka pang mapupuntahan dahil sa magiging modeling career mo. 🙂 paix et lumiere. 😉

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