5-pc brush set from Ellana Minerals

Yay I got a new set of brushes!

Earlier this week I ordered 5-pc brush set from Ellana Minerals and I received them last night. I decided to get brushes from Ellana because I trust their products. I bought a small face brush before and I have been using it ever since. So now I got a 5-pc set of brushes that comes with a very nice black compact pouch that I can take anywhere — a bigger powder brush I can use for loose foundation and blushes, an angled blush brush for contouring the cheeks, two flat brushes of different size that I can use for applying concealer, liquid foundation and even eyeshadow, and a brow and lash brush.

The brushes are made of synthetic hair so it’s perfect for you if you have allergies with natural bristles made from goat hair or horse hair. And believe me, the bristles are sooooooo soft even after you wash them for the first time. I’ve encountered such brushes before (when I first bought a 22-pc brush set made of natural hairs) that’s why I’m very wary now in selecting the brushes I buy.

So if it is your first time to buy brushes or something, I recommend that you get Ellana brushes from Ellana Minerals. It’s cheap but the quality is so good. 🙂

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