American Idol Top 12 Sings The Rolling Stones

American Idol Season 9 Top 12 hopefuls are definitely on their game-on mode! Last night they took on The Rolling Stones and majority of the performances are awesome. Here’s a performance recap for you *and spoilers if you haven’t watched the performances yet*

  • Mike Lynche – Miss You
    The performance was corny according to Simon and I couldn’t agree more. Also, I don’t really like Mike Lynche that much. Alex Lambert is definitely better than him.
  • Didi Benami – Play With Fire
    There is this thing in Didi’s voice that makes me want to hear more from her. It’s so country-ish with a tinge of classic. Randy said Didi’s really on fire on her performance, while Simon noted that it was a solid *not brilliant* performance. What I can say? She’s totally hot. I can see her do a lot more weeks.
  • Casey James – It’s All Over Now
    Before I saw Casey’s performance, my expectation was he’s gonna kill it because he can make a very hot rock star. But I was quite disappointed with what he did, it feels like it’s lacking something. Yea sure he plays the guitar like a superstar maniac but for me there’s no strong vocal in his performance. But the judges liked it, Kara especially haha. She said Casey’s a rockstar. Simon is not really hyped with his performance though.
  • Lacey Brown – Ruby Tuesday
    Lacey just held things together with her performance, Ellen said it’s sleepy but she’s a fan. Kara said Lacey could have done better, and she can. The issue with Lacey for me is that she’s not consistent for the past weeks. And like what Simon said, Lacey’s like overthinking her performance, but there’s nothing wrong with her vocals. It seems Lacey got overwhelmed with Idol’s big stage haha.
  • Andrew Garcia – Give Me Shelter
    I’m not a fan of Andrew, honestly. He’s like a Danny Gokey wannabe and I hate it that he got in but Alex Lambert didn’t. Oh well, bitter me. And because I don’t like Andrew, I didn’t enjoy his performance. So did the judges. Randy said it was pitchy everywhere, but for Ellen it was Andrew’s best performance.
  • Katie Stevens – Wild Horses
    While Katie has a very powerful vocals, I don’t think she deserves a spot in the top 12. I thought the performance was boring, Randy said it was okay, Ellen likes it too, Kara said it’s getting better for Katie and Simon said the song choice was clever and the first time that Katie got connected with her choice. I still don’t get what’s awesome with Katie. For me she’s just a pretty face who can sing so-so.
  • Tim Urban – Under My Thumb
    For me it feels like Tim has to always prove he deserves the spot in the top 12. Whenever he performs I really hang and wish he would do good, Idk. I kinda like him and I feel for him when he messed up Apologize weeks ago haha. This week, his rendition of Under My Thumb is quite amusing. I love listening to him and looking at him. The judges, however, didn’t get the reggae version of the song, they thought it was weird and they didn’t like it. But Kara would applaud him for bringing in the song differently. Simon said it didn’t work.
  • Siobhan Magnus – Paint It Black
    Siobhan has this very unique tone in her voice, and it’s kinda weird because sometimes she sounds like she’s got colds or something. But, gawd, when you hear her belt, you’d feel the roof falling! Siobhan’s performance last night was really hot, the judges liked it. Kara said it’s like she’s seeing Adam Lambert all over again – with the drama, the stairs, the interpretation. Ellen said she rised above and Simon said it was the standout performance. I’ve always been a fan of Siobhan and I like what she’s becoming in the show.
  • Lee Dewyze – Beast of Burden
    Another of my favorites, Lee sounded great in his performance. Ellen said it’s almost there, a little less than she expected. Kara said Lee is growing faster in the show, and showed a tremendous growth. And I agree with them, Lee is very likeable – the voice, the personality, the honesty. I hope to see more from Lee in the weeks to come.
  • Paige Miles – Honky Tonk Women
    Now Paige is someone who didn’t get much exposure during the auditions and Hollywood week. She’s a powerful singer but with what he did last week before the top 12 cut was annoying and I wonder why she survived the cut. Anyway, the judges liked her performance because she got a problem with her voice but she hit big notes. *rolls eyes* Idk, but for me it was boring. Next please.
  • Aaron Kelly – Angie
    Maybe Aaron’s performance is one of the most anticipated because he’s been a consistent favorite of the judges and fans. He got really strong comments from the judges. Randy said Aaron is born to sing. Ellen thought Aaron’s performance is also a stand-out. For Simon, the song choice is absolutely right, and it worked for Aaron.
  • Crystal Bowersox – You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    She rocked the big stage last, as the old saying goes, Save the best for last. Haha. At first I didn’t really get Crystal but as time progresses I can really see what a creative and an awesome artist she is. Though it wasn’t the judges’ favorite performance, they still think she’s got great personality and great voice. Simon noted that Crystal should not be lax because she’s become everybody’s favorite. Kara said Siobhan beated Crystal that night.
What do you think of last night’s performance?

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