Are yoo wearing the right SPF?

So here’s the thing, I didn’t use to love being tan. Really. But then I realized going tan looks great on me and so every chance I get to bum on beaches, I’d make sure I get the tan that I so love.

Hayden Panettiere in her very pretty tan

Now see, getting tanned is very different from getting your skin burned. That’s why almost every single product you put on your face has SPF: your moisturizer, your powder, your foundation, and yes even your lip balm. Let me tell you something about SPF (or Sun Protection Factor) that maybe most people aren’t aware of: the SPF number on your sunscreen or moisturizer or whatever product is that is like a multiplier on how long your skin is gonna burn under the sun.

So like for example, this pretty fair-skinned lady will burn her skin after like 10 or 15minutes of sun exposure, but she had on her an SPF30, now it would take 300 or 450minutes before she gets sunburn.

Now for me, Halle Berry is the most beautiful bronze princess ever.

I don’t know with you but I’m amazed with this fact. I just found out about this few minutes ago from this beauty newsletter I’m subscribed to. I didn’t know what SPF really is, all I know is the higher the SPF, the better.

Personally, I use SPF60 when going to the beach. After two to three hours of beach bumming, I’m beautifully tanned. During normal days, I’d wear SPF15 provided by my liquid foundation, and another SPF15 from my moisturizer. But there is this one product I so want to buy (but it cost around Php1700-2000). It’s a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation for light coverage in one product. Isn’t that awesome? I’ll blog about it when I get the mooolah to buy it haha =p So that would be it. I hope you learned something =p

Now tell me, what’s your SPF? =)

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