Relapse is worse than the first shock Posted on by

dos and don ts of essay writing Remember how it was painful the first time? Take it and multiply a million times — that’s how a relapse would naturally feel. When you think you’re doing just fine and then one day it all blows up in your face — that you’re not fine, not a single fvcking bit, that’s relapsing.   I […]

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Six degrees of separation

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I think I’ve heard this song before but I’ve never really got to like it, probably because it didn’t appeal to me at the time. But you know how it is when you’re brokenhearted suddenly all songs speak your story. Taylor Swift and The Script are probably your new bestfriends now as they loop continuously in […]

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Because just like praying, sometimes you start writing again when you’re left with nothing

essay on the scientific method Posted on by Well, technically I am not left with nothing. I have a job, a place of my own, my family and friends, my interests and as cliche as it goes, myself. But you know, when shit goes down we almost always blow it out of proportion. The past couple of weeks have been really difficult for […]

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