before i kiss the world goodnight

Disclaimer: I usually blog this kind of entries on my blog. But I.PH blogs are under maintenance at the time of writing so I was forced to post this here. Meh. What a timing.

I just finished reading You’re so Money by Farnoosh Torabi. I bought it months ago, and have been reading it little by little. ( Yes, I really don’t have that much time now *sigh* ) Finally, I am so done reading it. But I know I will be re-reading it sometime soon because there’s so much advise and good stuff in it, I am not quite sure I’ve digested them all up pretty well. But for now, I will be kissing the book ‘Goodbye and See you later’ because I am lending it to my bestfriend. He needs this, LOL.

Anyhoo, I had a long day today (or yesterday, it’s already near dawn haha) in the office. I didn’t even notice the time. It went by so fast! I am hoping for a better and more productive and more fun work day tomorrow (or later haha, whatever).

When things don’t make sense anymore, go and find a sense. If you can’t find one, then make one.

See yah arwnd!

Aja! Aja!

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