Boston Cafe is brewing in UP Los Banos

24hr coffee shop in UPLB, coffee shop free wifi UPLB

If you’re craving for coffee and you want  an impromptu road trip, I suggest you head to UP Los Banos and hangout at Boston Cafe. That’s exactly what I did three days ago. I was at first craving for Starbucks in Tagaytay but I ended up going to LB instead.

So here’s what I had in Boston Cafe, UPLB:

24hr coffee shop in UPLB, coffee shop free wifi UPLB

ElBiCCino. I love the coffee jelly!

I love that they used ice cream instead of whipped cream. It didn’t come out very sweet because the coffee’s very dark it actually compliments the ice cream on top.

This is how the ElBiCCino goes. ^^ ice cream topping woot!

boston cafe UPLB

Too many options to choose from. And this menu totally look like Starbucks'.

It took me some time to choose what coffee to buy because they practically have everything! From espresso to ice blended frappes! They also have meals on their menu. Also, their coffee and meals are very affordable; the pricing is less expensive than that of popular coffee shops here in Manila.

Nice smoking area. I'm not a smoker but I sat here.

The place is really a good “tambayan” for students; it’s cozy, have wifi all over the place, have wall for org postings, and OPEN until the weee hours of the morning. 🙂 So if you find yourself near UPLB next time and you want some real good dark roasted coffee, go grab a cup from Boston Cafe.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. I guess this is a good alternative, ako kasi masyadong patriotistic sa mga brands. kung starbucks, starbucks naman na lahat. Have to experiment din. matry nga next time na mapadpad sa UP area….

  2. malapit lang sa gate ng UP mismo eheh, i dk the name of the street, kalapit ng McDo, 7-11, ministop etc

    tara punta tayo minsan! 😀

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