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Day 4: Bestfriend

buy viagra san antonio texas Posted on by You only get one best friend in life. Or not. — So now I remember why this post sat in draft and I never gotten to publishing it. Not because I’m not a good person to not have a bestfriend, but what does having a bestfriend even mean? Is it growing up closely with someone? […]

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Weekend: Of food trips, friends, and me-time

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here I had a long, happy and productive weekend. FRIDAY. Date with Kk, Jehz and Winston. I meet with Kk first at Glorietta and we had dinner at Yoshinoya Park Square. As usual I ordered beef gyudon and Kk had pork katsudon. After dinner, we went around the shops in Park Square in search for a […]

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Grande Island Subic – and why it’s not worth your money Posted on by

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go to site Last month, our team had an offsite in Grande Island Resort, Subic. We stayed there for less than 24 hrs and we paid 13 000 for 5 rooms, each can accomodate 4 persons. Of course, the offsite was fun and that’s because my team never failed to have a fun offsite. The thing is, Grande […]

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Weekend Posted on by

click here Yeay! Finally, a weekend I can call relaxed and refreshing. It wasn’t the best weekend I had but I liked it much, well save for the fact that I went to the ER again last night after a long time because I was crying with a friggin headache and I was vomitting blood. Anyway, what […] Read more

2009. The year that was. Posted on by So here goes my not-so-late goobye 2009 post. =) I know this wouldn’t be the last time I would look back to 2009. It wasn’t the first and it wouldn’t be the last. 2009 wasn’t as crazy as 2008 but it’s wonderful like all the other years in my life. The people I met and […]

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