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M2M – many to mention LOL Posted on by

source This Norwegian duo was like the Taylor Swift during my teenage years. Like this if, once in your gradeschool/highschool life, you liked a boy and you have an M2M song dedicated to him. :))   I was watching M2M videos earlier and I became really nostalgic. They don’t sound really good but their songs appealed […] Read more

Cross-processing in Photoshop, now I know

You know you’re depressed when you need a plan just to walk across the room. I can’t even get up my bed. And so I spent all day inside my room – sleeping, munching on cereals, answering *work-related, meh* emails, sleeping, and then more sleeping. But at least I did one productive thing today. I […]

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Pinkurinal’s Project 52 Looks

And this year I will have my own take on having a year-long project. I thought a 52-weeks project is more achievable than a 365-days one. So here’s what I have in mind: I’m gonna have something like a lookbook project. I actually find it a little narcissistic but I think it’s okay. Hahaha 😛 […]

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