Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts

Christina Perri Jar of Hearts

My playlist the past days would include Tristan Prettyman’s Anything At All, Beyonce’s If I were A Boy and Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts. I wouldn’t stress why these songs seem to speak about my pain and stuff like that because it’s too obvious.

Christina Perri Jar of Hearts

I'm so gonna get that very same hair. I need to make friends with my credits first.

Anyhoo. I first heard Jar of Hearts in one of the episodes of So You Think You Can Dance Season 7. It was June 30 2010. Billy Bell and Kathryn McCormick danced to this very “you touched my heart and you gripped my soul”-ish song, choreographed by one of my favorites Stacey Tookey. Kathryn has always been my favorite and she danced it with all her heart, and so after that lovely mournful routine with Billy, I immediately “Googled” the song. I couldn’t get the song and the routine out of my head for weeks that time.

I couldn’t embed here the video of Billy and Kathryn’s performance so please give yourself some goosebumps and watch the video in YouTube:

SYTCYD – Billy and Kathryn – Jar of Hearts – Contemporary

Because of that performance in SYTYCD, Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts catapulted to iTunes most downloaded song and sold 100,000 copies. A week after that, Christina performed live in SYTYCD. For Christina Perri, having her song danced in SYTYCD is the best thing that happened to her.

Below is a behind-the-scenes video of Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts MTV, featuring SYTYCD Allison and Kathryn.

And here’s the official music video of Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts:

Read more about Christina Perri’s big break.

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