Coastal Scents 78 Palette

So, after ten thousand years, I get to review my 78 Palette at last! Here’s my two cent:

78 Palette

78 Palette

The 78 palette includes 60 vibrant, very pigmented eyeshadow colors, both in shimmer and matte, 12 different shades of neutral colors (white, gray, silver and black) , and 6 rosy and purplish blush. It’s very practical because it only cost around Php900 at Doll Face Makeup. The palettes being sold in Coastal Scents, Doll Face Makeup, and by other eBay sellers are all the same. They just print their brands on it, but yeah it’s the same product.
My favorite in the 78 palette is the range of eyeshadow colors. Also, the eyeshadows look good even when you apply it without primer, unlike many other cheap eyeshadows out there. The colors would really stick to your eye lids beautifully. When applied with primer, the colors would look livelier and prettier.
I don’t get to use the six blush shades that much because I have other favorites when it comes to blushers and bronzers. But I can say that it’s easy to apply, you don’t need much product because it is very pigmented — a little would go a long way.
The cons of the 78 palette is that it comes in this big black package, you can’t carry it around.
Three of my favorite shades -- bronze-ish, peach-ish and blue-ish =b

Three of my favorite shades -- bronze-ish, peach-ish and blue-ish =b

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