Cross-processing in Photoshop, now I know

You know you’re depressed when you need a plan just to walk across the room. I can’t even get up my bed.

And so I spent all day inside my room – sleeping, munching on cereals, answering *work-related, meh* emails, sleeping, and then more sleeping. But at least I did one productive thing today. I tried cross-processing in Photoshop. Haha

I am never a Photoshop genius. I rely on Photoshop actions, mostly, when editing my pictures before I post them here. Or sometimes I would just use Lightroom to clean up photos.

But today I read a tutorial from the Creative Dork. Finally, Robbie shared how he post-process his photos. I have been wanting to ask him but I kept on forgetting about it and the post came first haha.

Anyway, here’s my attempt in following Rob’s tutorial. The photos I used below were taken by my Nyok friend Winston (Batang Yagit) during our photoshoot in Intramuros last week:

Photo by Winston Almendras |

Photo by Winston Almendras |

Photo by Winston Almendras | (The hat I'm wearing here is Maki's which she bought in the kids section of a department store LOL)

*I met Robbie during our Western Pangasinan trip, along with 6 other *new-friend* bloggers, and Mica and Ada.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. Yeay Thanks guys!! 🙂

    Ate Ri! Favorite ko man yang pose na yan! haha

    Mica, we miss you here na. We thought mas maarte ang mga pose sa photoshoot if andun ka 🙂

    Claire, CS5 gamit ko. Btw, nakabalik ka na?

    Ada, nako maka-actions ako sa photoshop, hindi ko alam cross processing na pala yun

    Rob, denkyoo! Galing nga e, marunong na ko!

    Banban, IMY!! Pagpunta ko Cebu magshoot din ta ha

    Win, nyok!! Nagnakaw pa ko ibang photos mo, pinaglalaruan ko sa Photoshop haha

  2. Hello, Cai! Photoshop is really important, and yes, cross-processing isn’t that difficult to learn. Great job on your outputs! =)

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