Date Night: Shopping + Dinner at Banana Leaf + Movies

I feel like Saturday is the busiest day of my week since I went back to the university. It’s the day that I go to UP in the morning (after my work if I get really unfortunate to be working on night shift that week, which happens a lot), try to get some sleep in the afternoon, do the groceries, do the laundry, and sneak in some me time at night.

So last Saturday, despite all the business I had – gym, UP, sleep, a little shopping, laundry and groceries – I still managed to book some date time for Boiffie.

And we bought ticket to watch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. It was 8pm then and the next screening at 9.40pm was full so we had no choice but to get the last full show at 12mn instead. IKR.

It’s okay though because it bought as some time to roam around and window-shopped. Unfortunately for me I bought three items from Zara – a floral jumpsuit, a floral skirt and a long blue-striped button-down shirt. I said I will not buy any clothes this month but phew I just can’t resist it T______T. I hate sale.

So here’s what I bought (I forgot to take a photo of the button-down shirt):

Pink Floral Skirt.

Floral jumpsuit. I know summer's gone. But it's pretty. And it looks very fresh.

And then after that we had dinner at Banana Leaf. This restaurant is located at Greenbelt 3 and is serving Southeast Asian cuisines.

Boiffie and I had Fried Tilapia in Malayan Cream Sauce and Chicken and Eggplant in Thai Curry. We also had Chicken and Mango salad for appetizer.

After dinner, Boiffie requested that we eat some frozen yogurt. He loves frozen yogurt, I hate him. So we went to Red Mango – I had a medium-sized original yogurt with mochi balls and crushed chocolates, he got a medium-sized original yogurt with mango bits. The mochi balls are 100% yum! You should try it. :’)

Red Mango was jam-packed that time, we don’t know where to sit because there’s no more seats anywhere! Fortunately though I saw Jehz in the crowd! Wooot I missed Jehz :’) He’s with his two highschool friends and they let us share table with them. Wooot!

After finishing our yogurt, Boiffie and I still have more or less an hour before our movie starts. So I sweetly persuaded him to play at Timezone. He took out his Timezone card and I swiped it over the counter to check how much balance it has. Yeay to us it has around 250++ credits! And he’s not even aware it has credits!

We played like kids and I totally enjoyed it. I went home with a pink-striped Hello Kitty bee stuffed toy and named it B-bee! Kawaii much!!

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