Day 3: The perfect first date

If I wrote this several years ago, my perfect first date would look like this:

“I’d be asked repeatedly to watch Iron Man few days before the date and I’d confirm on the morning of the day itself. I’d probably pass for him picking me up on my place. I’d rather meet him in the movie house where we’d buy tickets together. He’d be early as expected so he could buy the tickets beforehand, so when I arrive and head towards the ticket booth, he’ll have a chance to grab my wrist or my hand to stop me. He’d buy a big bucket of popcorn and while watching the movie, and he would grab for popcorn almost the same time I pull out my hands from the bucket, so our hands would swiftly brush each other. After the movie we’d drop by Timezone and I’d celebrate beating him over a couple of basketball games. And after I finished shooting rings after rings, he’d be standing really close to me and he’d push a few of stray hairs on my face.”

And cut. Fade to black.

Because I am writing this now, my real perfect date would either be

1. If a guy could bring me to tryout a cool gym box, or any similar workout places/activities. Like rowing or boxing or yoga or crossfit. Anything. Because that’s not just cool but super cool. Or

2. If a guy can hitch in one of my trips with my travel buddies. Because there is no other surer way to know if you like someone than having to travel with them.


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