Ethan Jones – American Idol 2012


I was surprised today when I checked my blog stats and learned that my american idol posts are coming up to have the most views for the day. And so I realized that American Idol 2012 has already started! Dang. I have been too busy with a lot of stuff I can barely follow what’s going on with the world. HAHA

Anywaaaay. Am a big fan of American Idol and have been following the series religiously. Reading some recaps online, I’ve found out that Ethan Jones from St Louis auditions has been recognized to be this season’s cream of the crop. He’s a member of a country band but he’s passion is soul. He performed “I’ll Be” in his audition and I was thrilled to watch him on Youtube.


I think I just fell in love with him. <3




This made me excited to watch the previous episodes of American Idol 2012. Seems like I found myself something to do this coming weekend. 😉

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