First Flawless Facial Experience

Hai there. Last week I got invited to a blogger party night sponsored by Flawless and Beauty&Butter. I got to meet Lorna Tolentino and some beauty bloggers.

And so here’s the thing, they got a whole blogging contest going on from today until July 30 and I’m gonna be totally, TOTALLY, honest with my entries – no *sskissing or whatever.

Ok, last week I went to Flawless Trinoma to get my first ever Flawless facial. I wasn’t able to bring a camera because it was an impromptu visit. Yesterday I visited Flawless Megamall just to take some pictures to accompany this post but unfortunately I don’t have the camera connector with me here at my place so there I still don’t have any photos for this post amf (but I’m gonna post it as soon as I get back from my Caramoan trip, that would be on Tuesday, I promise*).

So about that facial experience in Flawless Trinoma, yea I had an Oil Control Facial. It took only around 30 to 40 minutes to get the facial done. They put seaweed mask on my face after pricking all of my blackheads, which are not much really. Oh, there was laser first before the mask. There’s this laser light or something that they’re hovering all over my face before they put that seaweed mask on. And then after that, it’s done!

After the facial, my face did feel great! It’s like it finally was able to breathe. It feels supple – very tight but very soft. It’s a very nice feel, I tell you. But. Yes, there is a but. After just a day, I got disappointed because it’s supposed to help in getting control of the oilyness of my face or something, but yea I got disappointed. You know what I mean.

Anyway, now let me tell you something other than the facial experience:

  • First, the clinic in Flawless Trinoma feels really crowded, not because there were plenty of people or something (but indeed there were plenty of people lined up that day), but because the place is so small it can’t hold up all the beds in it. I might not know what I’m talking about haha
  • Second, the people in Flawless Trinoma are not helpful or something. They made me feel like they’re unaccommodating or I don’t know.
  • Third, the people in Flawless Megamall seems to not know their services when I went there yesterday. This lady in the reception, I asked her to brief me about the Oil Control Facial because I need to blog about it. She just said, “Ah, the oil control facial? It’s seaweed mask.” And I was like pulling off this “Is that it?” kind of facial expression, but really, that’s all the answer I got from her. But at least she’s nice to assist me to find the facial that will suit me, but I have to say no to her offer because I just got my facial last week and I’m running late.

So there. Maybe I can tell you more about Flawless and its services for the coming weeks when I get back to one of their clinics for the next four posts.

See you around.

P.S. I’m late for my flight haha, I haven’t packed yet. =P I swear to put pictures when I get back.

*EDIT: the pictures got accidentally erased from the camera so yeah, no pictures for this post 🙁

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  1. Ano yung effect daw nung seaweed? Parang ang sarap naman nung feeling mo pagkatapos. ^_^

    Baka dapat may gawin ka para i-maintain yung oil control? Hm….

    Hindi rin maganda yung experience ko sa Mega. Parang ayaw nila akong tulungan. Toink. Pero sa Mall of Asia, PANALO. Dadayuhin ko sila ulit! Okay din daw sa Greenhills, sabi ni Mica.

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  3. I am a loyal user of iSkin New York which available at Flawless. Even the dermatologist sa Trinoma si Dr Sy, she is great. But I say no sa pagpapacial sa kanila, OA sa sakit, as in di marunong magdahan dahan, yung feeling naparang nabugbog na ung mukha ko. I have tried other facial salon at hindi naman ganun kasakit compare sa kanila. 🙂

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