Friday Night out with officemates

Friday. May 22. Much late post.

I will just do this in bullet form because I’m to stoned to stitch paragraph

  • Afternoon. At IPI Tower, Buendia. For some company gathering. The highlight of this day. After the program for our company thing, Kaye and I went up to the higher roof deck ( I dunno what that’s called ). I dunno what’s with me but I’m all energy; I was running around commenting non-stop about the most random stuff there is. I was all like this ->  and Kaye bursted “Ang ingay mo!” and I was “Zippppped!” Her intension was just to say that why on earth I was too hyped and all, but it really sounded like a big “Shut Up!”. And yes, with exclamation point. LOL Kaye. 😛
  • Night. At Megamall Bowling Center. Teammates and I went to play two rounds of bowling. Akshully, I was only able to catch the second round. And I am so happy that I reached a score of 85. My average play is below 50.  Now I’m getting used to the game, I’m gaining expertise LOL
  • Late Night. Kaye, Franz and I went to Megamall Starbucks to hang out for a while. We talked much about work related stuff. There were funny moments of course. We wished Hanna was there. That was because there’s a time way way back in February we went to Sidebar, the four of us.

That’s it for teh over-overdue post. Meh.

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