From 27 to 24


Most of my old clothes (jeans, skirts) won’t fit me anymore.

Several months ago, one of my guy officemate said “ang laki ng tyan mo”. It broke my heart. Hahaha. And so I was really intent to work out the excess fat. I go to gym regularly, I attend dance classes ( hiphop and belly dancing), I run at least once a week, and also proper *protein* diet. Well, after four months of hard work and discipline, I went from size 27 to 24. :’) Sweet.

After four months.

But now, I’ve been away from gym and diet since last week and it I will be until next week. With all the food trips going on here and there, I wonder how much work I will put again to maintain being fit. Meh.

Well. I hope you find this inspiring in any way if you are trying to lose weight. Promise, workout + proper diet + discipline works. 🙂

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