Globe Tattoo Sucks. Bigtime.

And I know a lot would agree.

Globe Tattoo or Globe Tattoo Broadband or Globe Broadband Tattoo, whatever that usb stick that acts like an internet modem you plug to your computer, sucks bigtime. It promises upto 3Mbps of good internet connection but it can’t even download emails on my outlook, which is THE most important thing I need it to accomplish.

I get really frustrating work from home days (or work from my place days) when I’m using it: it makes my day unproductive. It’s unreliable and the connection sucks. Even the Globe Broadband won’t work as I expected it –  sobrang bagal! We used to be SmartBro users and I had no problems with it for 5years. Idk why my mother suddenly switched to Globe Broadband at home.

Ohwell. Hello Globe! Your tattoo sucks. Kthnxbai.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. We can’t trust these ‘wireless’ internet providers talaga. Parang nanloloko nlng sila no? 😐 Best to just go with PLDT MyDSL. Hehe 🙂

  2. we are pleased to announced the death of all globe tatoo employees for giving a fucking globe tatoo service

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