Going Flawless with Flawless Full Body Scrub with Bleach

Yesterday I went to Flawless Megamall to get a body scrub. Am big fan of body scrubs but it was actually my first time to visit a beauty clinic to have it done. Most of the time I would just scrub my own self using body salt I would buy in drugstores.

So because I have a very busy day ahead of me, I decided to visit Flawless very early. I got there just few minutes after ten. And I waited for about an hour before I got my body scrub. And while waiting, I took pictures around the clinic.

Here’s a very cozy circular sofa in the waiting area and a cutesy chandelier in the product bar.

Here’s Flawless’ different beauty products – moisturizer, soaps, lotion, whitening products and many others. You may want to visit a Flawless branch if you are interested . You might find a good product that would work for you. :’)

Going back to the scrub. I don’t have pictures while my whole body is being scrubbed because for me that would be just awkward haha. The scrub took more or less 30minutes. I like it much because you can really feel the salt scrubbing away your dead skin. And it has a nice fragrance to it – something floral-like and aromatic, very relaxing indeed. And when I took the shower after the scrub, my skin feels so soft and smooth, almost baby-ish. And then the bleaching followed.

I am not really into whitening because I love being morena, but I think what the bleaching did to my skin after the session is it gave my skin a healthy glow. Really. It lightens the skin to the effect of a younger and healthy glow. :’)

While the whole thing was a very relaxing experience, I wasn’t able to get any sleep though because Ms Edlyn (the aesthetician who did my scrub) and I were just chatting all throughout the session. And I really enjoyed it, she was talking to me about stuff and that kept me from being bored.

From left to Right: Ms Morine who did my power peel, Ms Mara from the reception who's very nice to help me in identifying the right facial for my skin type, Ms Edlyn who did my scrub, Erica (me), and Richard LOL :')

Author: pinkurinal


  1. hi gud day….! ask ko lang po mag kanu po mag pa bleach ng whole body and iang session thank you =)

  2. tanong lng po. kailangan po ba every month ako magpabody scrub para mamaintain ko ang puti/effect nito?
    how long pa para magpabody scrub ulit ako? every month ba?
    nakaputi ba talaga ito? as in noticable?

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