Going Flawless with Flawless Power Peel

Last week I had a relaxing Monday afternoon at Flawless. It’s not my first time in Flawless but it was my first time in SM Megamall branch. It’s located at 5F Bldg B, and is actually just in front of Beauty & Butter.

Flawless - SM Megamall Branch - 5F Bldg B

My BB can only capture this much light LOL. It's actually cozy and relaxing inside the Flawless clinic in SM Megamall.

So I got a Flawless Power Peel. It’s a skin resurfacing procedure that restores the skin to its natural glow. It uses corundum crystals to peel dead skin, leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing (I swear, I got a compliment from a colleague last week, she said I’m glowing). It would also make your pimple/acne scars and dark spots less visible. The result of Flawless Power Peel is like that of a laser resurfacing treatment but less cheaper and according to what I’ve read, it’s less painful.

Flawless also have Diamond Peel that uses diamond which is four times harder than corundum crystals. The procedure both for the Power Peel and the Diamond Peel is the same, they just use different crystals.

Click here to learn more about Flawless Diamond/Power Peel.

Flawless Power Peel includes the classic facial before your dead skin gets vacuumed out of your face. You even get warm compress and hand massage. Sweet. And I also requested for a seaweed mask, because I learned from the technician who did my peel that it is effective for oil control.

Yes, that's the Flawless Power Peel® Microdermabrasion System right there. It propels corundum crystals and at the same time vacuums the used crystal and the dead skin exfoliated from your face

The peel was not really painful but it pricks a little. My face feels really light afterwards. You’re not supposed to wash your face for a good eight hours after the peel.

Seaweed mask on! For oil-control. :')

Before I left the Flawless clinic, I browsed through the different Flawless products on display and went home to try two of their soaps, which after a week of use so far has proven to be effective. I have tried the SAS soap also and it is very effective in helping to dry out pimples faster. It also helps the face to prevent more pimples from showing up.

Oatmeal Soap: I love its milky scent. Tea Tree Soap: Has proven itself very effective in controlling oilyness of the face. Both priced Php160.

And those of you who know me, you would know that I don’t kiss *** so you can bet on me that when I say a product/service works for me, it does work for me. :’)

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  1. magkno po ang nanopower peel sa underarm? mas effective poba un magpaputi sa UA? ilang session po ang kylngn to achieve a lighter skin tone sa UA?

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