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buying antibiotics from italy Some months ago since I started being obsessed with getting fit, I have also been obsessing with the food that I eat. If only I can punish myself for not complying with my meal plan.. And this is just an example of how I should not be on a diet in the first place hahaha This burger screams “EAT ME, I’m so damn good!”. And well yes, IT IS. I still want to try their burrito and quesadillas, maybe next time.

army navy burger Army Navy quarter-pound pure beef patty burger with lettuce, onions and cheese. My bestfriend would die for the triple-patty burger, for sure.

herbal viagra money back guarantee Burgers from Army Navy is sooooo filling for only Php135. I’m really hard to please when it comes to bread and bun and stuff like that but I really love their sesame kaiser bun, so soft and tasty! Also, the patty is pure beef! It’s so sinful!

army navy burger Takeout burger from Army Navy + homemade rootbeer float = FTW midnight snack!!! (Yes That's DIET A&W rootbeer and sugar-free Arce Dairy vanilla ice cream)

cialis super viagra This is not a healthy midnight lunch should look like – but but it’s almost close to healthy haha I tried! But yeah, this one is at least pretty good for the hungry appetite. Screw calorie content, or fat content or cholesterol content. A burger once in a while is not harmful, yes? YES. Next time when I visit Army Navy Burger and Burrito, I will make sure that I bring my camera. I’ve been to the Alabang branch twice already and I didn’t have my camera with me on both occasions. Meh. Next time. You’ll love the theme of this burger joint. It’s like you’re visiting a navy’s pantry. Hahaha

viva viagra commercial song Army Navy Burger and Burrito has branches in La Salle Taft, Glorrieta 5, Alabang, SM Fairview, SM City Sky Garden and Tagaytay. Visit their site also, it’s pretty cool.

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