Hand and Foot Treat from Beauty & Butter Nail, Face & Art

If there’s one thing that I am most vain about, it would be my nails. I love them always neat and colorful. Next would be my hands and feet. I would never fail to get foot spa and home-style hand spa every two weeks. Yea, I am more religious with my nails, hands and feet than with my face. Ikr.

Beauty & Butter at SM Megamall 5F

So imagine how excited I was when I went to Beauty & Butter two weeks ago to get a Hand & Foot Paraffin Wax with Manicure and Pedicure. Beauty & Butter specializes in services like foot/hand spas, facials, and of course nail art! So I got myself a nail art too! How can I miss that, eh? (But will tell you about it on my next post :P)

Sitting comfortably while waiting for my turn. I was actually watching Step Up 2 during that time. Beauty & Butter has two big LCD screens mounted on the wall. Sweet.

It wasn’t my first time in Beauty&Butter but it was my first time to ever get a paraffin wax treat. After getting mani and peds, my hands and feet were dipped in hot paraffin wax (and when I say hot, it’s tolerably hot). Then it’ll be wrapped in plastic and in cotton gloves to preserve the heat. It’ll be on for like 15minutes or so. You can really feel your hands and feet relaxed. Hand & Foot Paraffin Wax with Manicure and Pedicure is one of Beauty & Butter’s services that you can give your hands and feet for ultimate relaxation treat. And for just Php999. Sweet, eh? Your hands and feet will thank you for that. :’)

And also I love Beauty & Butter’s own nail polish line. The consistency of the polish is superb, and it won’t chip easily. It comes in tons of beautiful colors – my own favorites are the pretty shades of pink and browns. Some may say that applying dark colors (especially dark red and dark brown) on your toenails would make you look old. I don’t think so because personally I love browns on my toenails! :’)

So now let me do this in bullet form again – Here’s what I really really love about Beauty & Butter:

  • The salon’s design is posh and princess-y. It’s very cool and colorful and funky and young.
  • You get to use an iPad while waiting.
  • The Buttercups (that’s what they call the staff) are cute in their yellow uniforms and they are all sweet and accommodating.
  • And ultimately, Beauty & Butter understands our vain need to pamper ourselves. :’)

Miss Jing. She patiently attended to my needs that time. Very nice lady. 🙂

Author: pinkurinal


  1. wow!!! 🙂 i can really feel you had fun relaxing 🙂 pwede bah un fun while relaxing?? parang pwede hahahahaha sosyal you can use ipad?? sa kanila ung ipad papagamit sa iyo??
    sarap talaga feeling ng parafin wax 🙂 hmmmmm i miss it also
    will pampaer myself one of these days 🙂
    nice post cai 🙂

  2. @Ria – Yes, try it Ate Ri, sooper relaxing sya sa kamay at paa. 🙂 And yup, will post the nail art soon 🙂

    @Donna – wooot! yup pwede yun, fun + relax. =)) meron sila several iPads, ipapagamit sayo while waiting, social ever talaga.

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