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aztec secret - healing clay - facial clay

Here’s the thing, looking after your skin doesn’t have to be expensive.

When we were younger and we were just starting to grow the first pimples in our lives, we were taught that calamansi extracts (whitens the skin), brown sugar (exfoliates dead skin cells) and egg white mask (tightens pore) can do the tricks to take care of our ever sensitive skin.

aztec secret - healing clay - facial clay

Aztec Secret facial clay is available at Healthy Options.

Now that we can at least burn a few hundreds once in a while, here’s what I suggest you can try – Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay. I saw a review of the product few months ago and I thought I might try it. So I went to Healthy Options where it is available and bought a tub. It only cost me around Php400. Going to facial salon for monthly facials or nano peel could really hurt your pretty purse – a facial would cost Php500-Php1000 and a nano peel is around Php2000 – so I thought a Php400-facial-clay that is good for several uses is a great deal.

What’s great about this tub of clay?

healing clay calcium bentonite

A tub of powdered healing clay.

  • It is pure natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, the most effective type of healing clay. It is a very effective adsorbent agent – it draws the fats, oil, and dirt out of your facial pores.
  • You can use it not only as a facial mask but also as remedy to acne and insect bites, and use it for bodywraps, clay baths, foot soak and knee packs.
  • You can actually feel and see the result! You will feel your face pulsate for real! (that’s my favorite part of the routine) After you take the clay mask out of your face, it’d feel like you just had a nano peel.
  • My mixture! This is a little sticky though.

  • It’s cheap and easy to prepare:
    • You just need to mix the powdered clay with equal parts of water (or apple cider vinegar) and stir until you get a smooth mixture.
    • Then you layer the mask in your face, about half an inch thick and let it dry for 15-20mins.
    • Rinse with warm water.
  • Read how clay works to heal your skin.

I have been using this new facial regimen for several months now. And yes, I said goodbye to facial salon visits.

My recommendation: 5/5 🙂 Get a tub now, lady.

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