Hello, I’m still here.. you just don’t notice

O hai there. Not now, I'm working. =p

O hai there.

Poor blog, no updates for more than a month. Obviously I am too busy to take care of my blogs anymore. There’s a bunch of stuff going on recently and hell, I barely have time for myself, what else left for my blogs.

So now I am stealing some precious 10-minute from my busy work schedule while I got stuck with this one email. I know that sounds exaggerated but hell yes, I am telling you, the work schedule is crazy. I got two hands full and if my feet can hold tasks, they’d be overflowing too. Haha =P

So what’s up with me, you asked, eh? So here’s what you’ve missed, or rather what I have missed to tell you:

  • I went to Davao last month with my Nyok friends, which deserves a very long post but I don’t have time.
  • I went to Sagada last April with random people from Couch Surfers, and Benj and Ozy, which also deserves a long post but I don’t have time.
  • I had a date with my college best girl friends ever – Malen, Melai and Roanne, two or three weeks ago, and if you don’t know it yet, it’s not like we guys hang out with each other that often, not even every other month so if we do it really is something special and deserving of a post, but I don’t have time.
  • I have been noticing an invasion of Longchamp bags since I got one (which Aaron bought from Paris). Everyone has a Longchamp bag!!! Amf.
  • I’m going back to UP, and classes will start next week. And no, it’s part-time only. I’m tasking up MS CS and I’m excited about it. Also, I got a scholarship grant from ERDT (Eng’g Research and Development for Technology) which includes a 200,000 research grant. But boo me, I declined to accept it because I don’t want to resign and leave work. And yes, it deserves a long post. Not now.
  • I have been going on a shopping spree. I personally call it depression shopping. When I’m upset, I shop. Now I got a bill higher than a mountain.
  • I colored my hair. I said I want something like chocolate red, I’m not sure if they were able to achieve it. It’s supposed to help me look more tan. I went to Basement Salon by the way. I highly recommend it. Look for Chris.

That would be for now. I got to go and finish this email. See yoo around.

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  1. Active na bata. Nako, good luck sa masters! Kayang kaya mo yan. Dapat may picture ka ren ng buhok mong may kulay! Tuka lipad limlim ipot.

  2. You do really have a lot of backlogs to do haha 😀

    I am excited with your back-to-school thingy. Tell me when you’re gonna shop for school supplies. Remember what we did last year? 😛

  3. I honestly can’t do such thing you are actually doing right now! Masteral Degree! I idolize you girl!! I envy you! I miss you girlfriend! 😛

  4. @Louis – may kulay na buhok ko dyan! last week lang yang pic na yan e amf. hindi ba halata?

    @Mica – yes, andami! always remind me to blog! hahaha push me push me =p At oonga! Nagshopping tayo ng colored pens dati!! Tara let’s NBS again!

    @Ada – hihihi I miss yoo too Adagirl!! Sooper daming miss. Mwamwah =*

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