I lost my Blackberry

Yes. I lost my Blacberry. In the cab with plate number PYU 920. On my way home. 🙁

I can't sleep tonight (err this morning) because I lost my Blackberry. Hell. That is not just a phone, it's a Blackberry!

Is there such thing like mobile phone deactivation or something? I heard before that NTC can do that? Like you just give the serial number and stuff like that? Am not sure. Amf. Tomorrow I will hunt the cab driver. Let’s just hope he has it, because it’d be totally hopeless to track if a passenger got the phone.

Before I got off the cab, the last person I texted was Mica. The last call I received was from my boyfriend. And the last photos I took using my BB is from the dinner I had earlier last night with Mica, Ada and Ada’s bf.

I can’t sleep right now because I can’t get over it. Dammit.

I hope there’s a way that that Blackberry will not be usable anymore.

P.S Sa nakakuha ng phone ko, yoo sonuvabitch, may araw ka rin.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. Hey there, tuluyan na talagang nawala? You almost lost it here in Gensan a. Since you have the plate no., you can go to the LTO in QC to track down the address of the cab driver, but if a passenger got hold of it, malabo na yun ma recover. About the NTC thing, its a long process but you can give it a try if you have time and patience. Try to text or call it and offer a reward for it. That is if the sim card is still there. If its postpaid, better inform the telco otherwise you will end up with a large bill. Too bad for you. Good luck though and keep us posted. (sorry for my 1st comment being so long).

  2. Hay parang kaninang madaling araw lang nakatanggap pa ako ng text sa’yo na pauwi ka na T_T Sana maibalik pa. Be careful and alert na lang next time

    PS: I took that emo pic! 😛 Smile Abbass 😛

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