If you have 120 seconds left, who would you call?

Few days ago I went out to drink with a friend. We went to this secret bar on 26th Street in BGC. So while downing whiskey and beers, he had this million-dollar question: If you have about 2 minutes left, who would you call?

I’ve forgotten how we’ve got from discussing cryptocurrency to the recent earthquake; we were talking about how he’s living on the 20-something-th floor and how he wouldn’t have enough time to evacuate before the building collapses. I know that was so morbid but it really got me thinking.

He said he’ll call his mom, dad, sister and girlfriend. That’s 30 seconds each call.

Well, I’ll definitely call my mom too. Yeah, just my mom. But I probably wouldn’t know what to tell her.

‘Hey mom, what was it like when you were my age?’
‘I’m sorry I disappointed you in all ways a daughter can disappoint her mother.’
‘Please don’t wear black on my funeral; wear pink.’
‘I shaved my eyebrows when I was six using the razor you used to shave your legs. And you never knew about it because I hid it under my bangs.’

I would run out of witty things to say to her that wouldn’t automatically send her an instant heart attack.

So. If you have 4 30-seconds call before you go, who would you call? What would you say to them?

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