L’Oréal True Match Foundation

Loreal True Match Foundation

Loreal True Match Foundation

Out of the natural instinct as a woman to shop during sale, I bought two items that were totally not on my budget for this month. But I’m glad I did because I soooo love it! 😀 *heart heart heart*

So I got a L’Oréal True Match Minerals loose foundation-like powder and L’Oréal True Match super-blendable liquid foundation. I’m not a L’Oréal fan, before. It’s akshully my first time to use their products. And I was so thrilled that I found a shade that closely matches my skin tone, and that is Loreal G3 (Golden Beige).

So how was it, you’re asking? Hmm, I like it. I know that’s lame hahaha ^-^ But srsly, I lurve it! I didn’t find any difficulty finding the right shade for me, it only took me two test applications to find my perfect matching shade. Thing is, Loreal True Match Super-Blendable Liquid Foundation doesn’t only match my skin tone but also my skin texture.

Loreal True Match Foundation doesn’t feel heavy unlike other liquid foundations. I have been using Revlon for some time now and I kinda hate the feel of it. Loreal True Match gives me a great coverage and I’m telling you to get yourself one if you’re looking for a good foundation or if you’re having difficulties to find your shade because there are over twenty shades to choose from and I’m sure there’s a perfect match for everyone. 😀 Pure love, what do you say?

I recommend that you apply Loreal True Match Foundation using your clean fingers. Don’t worry its glides wonderfully and it blends great to even out skin. Some says it dries quickly but I can’t say because I use moisturizer first before applying foundation. Maybe I should try it sometimes without the moisturizer and see what happens.

So there.

I know I’ve said a lot already but that’s not everything. I just can’t write a full review yet because I just bought the products last night. Give me a week and I’d get back to you and post the full review. 🙂 And I will talk more about the Loreal True Match Mineral after several uses.

See yah soon! 🙂

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