M2M – many to mention LOL

Marit and Marion.

This Norwegian duo was like the Taylor Swift during my teenage years. Like this if, once in your gradeschool/highschool life, you liked a boy and you have an M2M song dedicated to him. :))


I was watching M2M videos earlier and I became really nostalgic. They don’t sound really good but their songs appealed to us when we were younger because these songs speak of teenage girls’ first love encounters – the bliss, the pain, the confusion, the struggle. Though their career’s short-lived, I still love them. They remind me that I was once a teenage girl who’s stupid enough to think that the most painful thing on earth was to be dumped at the age of 15.


I enjoyed visiting memory lane with their songs such as Pretty Boy, Everything You Do, The Day You Went Away, and Mirror, Mirror.  Listening to these sends me back to the time when I breathe Westlife, Spice Girls, BSB and other 90’s artists. Gawd. I miss my cassette tapes! And CDs!



On a totally unrelated note, I wish I can go back to the days when the hardest decision ever made is picking a crayon.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. Mag-videoke tayo soon na pure 90’s songs lang ang pwedeng kantahin 😛

    Pinakafavorite ko dati yung The Day You Went Away tsaka yung Girl of Your Dreams 😀 nananananananana

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