Monthsary: Dinner at Gravy and free movies at home!

Yeay. Last night Kk fetch me at school after my class. It’s the time of the month so we decided to grab dinner before going home. Since we are already in UP, I thought I want Flaming Wings, it’s been a while since I last ate at the place. I took a jeepney bound to Katipunan from UP and when we got to Flaming Wings, there’s a new place opened beside it. It’s from the same owner though.

The new place was called Gravy. While in Flaming Wings they’re serving buffalo wings in different sauces and dips, in Gravy they are serving  fried boneless chicken thighs and fried pork chops with different choices of gravy sauce. They also have pasta and sandwiches.


Kk and I both had the 3-pc fried boneless chicken thigh combo for only Php105 which already includes a big serving of rice and a large drink of your choice for additional Php15. Sulit much! I had the herb and spices gravy while Kk had Pinoy style gravy which is very sweet. We also ordered coleslaw and was surprised it was big enough for three persons’ sidings.

We are planning to have dinner at Gravy again and try their pork chops.

After that sulit dinner date, Kk sent me home. When we got there, the mother and the uncle were watching comedy film Hot Tub Time Machine. We also watched The Season of the Witch.

Overall, t’was a fun night. We got to spend time together and make the most out of it.

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