My wishlist

Err, something like that.

I want a wallet. I saw one in Mango last Saturday. I like it but it’s pricey. And I like it but not the like as in like like like. You girls know what I mean. So I’ll be looking for another one come Monday.

I saw a handbag at Girbaud last night. It’s cute I could tell you. I’m not good at describing stuff so there. LOL. It’s on sale by the way. And yuh, I want. Heeeee.

And the last (in this list, not really the last I would want to buy) is this new Nike training shoes I saw at Nike | Women at Gateway. It’s dominantly white with orange Nike logo. Again, I’m not good at giving description. Also, there’s this one pair of pink training shoes. I fell inlove with it too. The price? 4000+.

Boiffie will be buying me wallet ( because I friggin lost my LeSportsac wallet with Toki Doki-like design at the lighthouse of Cape Bojeador in Burgos, Ilocos Norte during our vacation last week ), yey! And also my bestfriend promised me a bag. Yum. Wallet and bag, for free. Heeee.

And I’m promising myself that pink training shoes. Or the white with orange logo.Whichever of the two.

<3 <3 <3

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