Noynoy has sworn into office …

And another chapter in the Philippine history has begun.

I wasn’t able to watch the inauguration earlier because 1. I don’t have TV in my place, 2. maybe I don’t have the interest, 3. I’m busy with something important, 4. live streaming will not work for me because Globe Tattoo sucks.

This is my own history: May 10 2010 - I voted for the first time.

So I didn’t have the compulsory I-Voted post last month. And again, not because I’m apathetic or something – I voted in the first place. I just don’t know what to say. I don’t like politics much and I don’t know much about what’s happening recently. I stopped taking interest in social issues since I left college, which is actually sad. Really.

That being said, I will not try to pretend that I have something intellectual to say about anything related to politics, society and stuff like that.

But here’s a very popular thought:

Ok. So he has not done anything in the past twelve years of being a Senator. That doesn’t automatically  mean that he can’t do anything as the President of our country. Nah, I’m just trying to be **very** optimistic here. Who knows he’d suddenly become president-wonder, there’s always room for improvement after all.


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