Of chasing and becoming


It’s been a month already. Just a month but it felt like forever. Those were the most trying days of my life and I thank God everyday I am surviving.


I may have had bad judgment calls one after the other– things I did that I may or may not regret few years from now, but the thing I definitely do not regret is going after what I want in life: to go on an adventure of knowing myself better, and chasing after the things I might be passionate about.


It wasn’t easy, knowing what to do. It wasn’t easy at all. I have always had short attention span when it comes to interest and hobbies and whatnots. But having no doubts about myself, knowing that I could pursue anything I set myself up for, and not being answerable to anyone give me a certain sense of freedom and individuality.


I know I have to be Okay with it, being alone and being happy and liking myself. In time. I know I’ll get there in time.


So yeah. Here’s to learning to love myself more and moving forward with life despite all the uncertainties in front of me. This is fucking scary but exciting as hell.


Yes, exciting times indeed.

Author: pinkurinal

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