Save or Splurge: Oil Control Sheet

Making your face stay oil-free should not cost you a lot. So when buying oil control sheets that is definitely a must-have in every girl’s purse: SAVE!

You don’t need expensive sheets because they all practically do the same thing: remove excess oil from your face. It works by patting a sheet on your T-area where your face is most oily and poof you’re instantly oil-free and dirt-free and feeling refreshed!

I used to buy Clean&Clear control sheets since I was in high school. But that cost me around 100-120 every two weeks, I can’t remember clearly. And then in college, until now,  I am using Finess Oil Control Sheet which can be bought from Watsons for 30pesos and it works pretty fine for me. And yes, that’s a lot of savings too, I’m telling you.

So next time your Shiseido oil control sheets run out, I’d say buy the cheaper brand. You know you can always use the saved up money to buy that moisturizer you want from Clinique. 😉

Author: pinkurinal


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