P52L: Week 1 Stripes!

Who said you can’t wear stripes with another stripes? I say, I beg your pardon?

I was in Baguio last January for a weekend getaway. I did nothing much but bum around, eat strawberries and vanilla ice cream, have coffee every night and try out restaurants like Cafe by the Ruins and Forest House which both were love-at-first-taste for me. It was really cold that time, temperature was down at around 15-17 and I forgot to bring pants!! All my stuff were shorts and skirt!

And so on the first night after I rummaged through  ukay ukays in Baguio (yes I think a trip to Baguio is not complete without bringing home good finds from the ukay ukay), I found a nice pair of long socks being sold down the street of Session Road, for only Php30. And though I am not fond of colorful socks, I bought it anyway because I thought it was cute. =))


And so I wore it immediately and then I had dinner at Cafe by the Ruins.

Stripes! Stripes! Stripes!


Orange top I bought from bazaar three or four years ago (I think less than Php300). Yes, I take care of my clothes pretty well. The black jacket I bought from Cotton On in Hong Kong a year ago (HKD50). White shorts with pale blue stripes (which you can’t see in this picture) is from bazaar also (less than Php150). And the pair of doll shoes/sneakers was just given to me by a friend. The striped shawl was also a gift.


Little cute bear I saw at The Forest House when I had lunch there, entirely unrelated to this post hahaha

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  1. @Mica – hindi ko na sya nasuot ulit badet =)) Hindi ko matandaan kung nasuot ko ba ito sa HK nung Feb. Parang ibang socks ata yun, will post that din hihi
    missyooo bakla!

    @strawhatjp – thanks dear 🙂 daan ka lagi =P

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