P52L: Week 10 Winston

Few weeks ago, I was privileged to get invited to attend the Globe Tatt Awards at the Manila Peninsula. I know it must be the friend working in Globe, Winston (or must be Ade – another friend who is actually in charge of sending out the invitations), who got me on the list.


So there, the night before the event, Winston and I went out to find the perfect ensemble for him. I was really excited because it’s the first time that we go shopping together! Yay!


So here’s what we were able to come out with:

Take me away from here.


Though the night’s theme is to reflect one’s personality, my idea really was to give Winston a new image. If you know him personally, you wouldn’t imagine him wearing worn out skinny jeans of this type or loud shirts or even do accessories. But he totally rock this look!


We got the yellow shirt from Zara and the jeans from Topman.

On the night of the Globe Tatt Awards, there’s this photographer guy who went up to Winston and asked him to pose for a solo shot. I said, it must be the outfit! It has to be!! HAHAHA


With Jehz. He was also in Greenbelt that night so we asked him to go to Topman while Winston was trying the pants on. I really love spending night outs with these two because I can be myself without any worries.  Thank goodness for good friends. =)


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