P52L: Week 11 Red shawl at Disneyland

Feeling young!


As you now know, Hong Kong is my favorite out-of-the-country chillax destination. So here’s a P52L from last year’s visit to Hong Kong Disneyland. I remember I was really giddy like a little girl and soooper excited!! Look how happy and kiddie that is!!


Well, there’s nothing much on the look because it’s a normal cold-weather outfit. Above I’m wearing a sweater I got from a Mango outlet on our way to Disneyland, underneath that is a black racer back. I think the key piece here is the red shawl that I would normally wear on semi-formal occasions.


Soooper expensive ice cream!!! As far as I can remember, this cost HKD18! o_O


O crap, I’m running out of materials I can use for my P52L. I still have 41 weeks to go!!! o_O

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