P52L: Week 2 Floral is the new Polka dots!

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Tank top, floral skirt and pokpok shoes for the New Year

https://www.habitatcfc.org/about-us/viagra-advertisement-nascar/4/ And I remember I started the year with floral skirt and pokpok shoes.

follow site This photo was taken January 2. I had a date on January 1 and I got home really late. Yes this is after my date. =))

pharmacyrxone Tank top, floral skirt and pokpok shoes for the New Year

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click So they say you should wear polka dots on the first day of the year to attract prosperity. I don’t have polka dots. So I wore floral instead.

click Tank tops are always fail-safe. When in doubt, wear black. :)) I got this one from Kamiseta for less than Php500. The shoulder strap is made of lace and it actually follows the Spring 2011 fashion trend I am trying to pose.

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https://www.arcsno.org/med/viagra-new-zealand-genuine-branded.html The floral skirt’s from Zara. I bought it on 50% sale, and if I remember it right this is only around Php1250. It is very feminine, flexible, cheerful and young. I was choosing between blue and this color. I think blue is also nice but I prefer a lighter shade if I’m going floral.

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https://www.habitatcfc.org/about-us/levitra-refractory-period/4/ I bought the heels from SM Department Store last December 2010, it’s Figliarina and it only cost me Php750, also on 50% sale. I was  so intent to buy pok pok shoes of this type and really glad found one for less than a thousand.

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