P52L: Week 3 Boyfriend shirt is Hot

I always enjoy going around in Hong Kong. It’s never a hassle to commute even on your most fab day wear because the public transportation system there is super comfy and doable unlike here in Manila. When in HK, I prefer taking MTRs than buses. Walking during the cold months is very enjoyable.

Last February I was able to spend a week in HK (and a daytrip in Macau). These photos were taken in Argyle on the last day of my trip. Shopping day this was! 🙂

Photo opps while crossing the street!

Here I’m wearing a boyfriend shirt and a skirt. I layered a thin brown belt over the button-down shirt to give curves to a manly cut. As I remember it, I got the shirt from Zara, on sale. Php990. Originally Php2500.

That guy right there is checking me out. =/ hahaha

I bought the boots from Cotton On on the first night. It was on sale! Originally priced 250HKD, I got it for only 99HKD. Sweeeeet sale! I stayed in Argyle and every night I would go down to the ladies market to scout the shops in the area to find good buys.

H&M! One of my favorite shops!

The knee-length socks were from Forever 21 (SM Megamall), I can’t remember the price. I think it was around Php100-120. And of course, the Longchamp bag was a gift from a friend who went to Paris.

It was really cold in HK during that visit but I was able to wear skirt because I was wearing knee-length socks and boots which made me feel really warm. And also, the temperature went up to 17C and t’was a little sunny already. 🙂

I wish to go back to HK soon. It’s always nice to dress up there without worrying about what other people might think of you haha

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  1. @Maica – Cute talaga boyfriend shirts!

    @Dimaks – Haha sorry naman sa kanya!

    @GamingEdge – Punta ka na lang din sa HK. Next year. 😀 Or Beijing. Or Korea.

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