P52L: Week 4 When it rains, it’s boots!

Forgive the lame title because I’ve ran out of witty titles. The heat in Hong Kong must have drained my creative juice. LOL

Anywaaaaaay. I MISSED MANILA!! I almost died of heat stroke in HK, t’was around 33degrees there. T’was my first time to visit HK during one of its hottest months, and I’d probably never do that again, well unless I only intend to shop the whole time in malls and no plans of walking around outside Haha

So I really appreciate how lovely this Monday is. It’s pouring a little and I’m loving the cold atmosphere. I love summer, but I also love the rainy season because I get to wear boots on a tropical country!


Last week I was at Trinoma and ultimately wishing it’d rain because I wore boots. Good heavens, it trickled only a little haha


Standing in line. But I didn't buy anything! Hahaha


Yes. Boots. And shorts. I was pretty confident I can pull the outfit nicely. But no one actually affirmed my confidence so I am not really sure how I did with the look haha

I bought the boots in HK from last Feb’s visit. The pair of black M’phosis shorts is from the ukay ukay session we had in GenSan also last Feb, what usually cost arpund Php1000-1200, I got it for only Php135. Sweeeeeet deal.




That loose blue sleeveless shirt’s from Zara, which again I got on sale, Php900, half of its original price. The blue sando underneath that is from Forever21, Php189.

Well, I guess that’s it. Must wrap up this post already because I still have class here in UP. Just let me know what you think about wearing knee high boots in malls. 😉

Catch up with you soon!


Note: Sorry wasn’t able to edit the pictures, no time already and my phone can only do as much. haha!

Author: pinkurinal


  1. haha, akala mo ang mahal mahal ng sinuot. awesome tipid tips cai! btw, you were able to pull it off with class pa! 😀

  2. typical get up that I can see in Japan, back then. They were even on bicycles, with matching umbrellas and handbags. Ah, and a snack while cycling.

  3. @Mica – Thanks dear! 🙂

    @GamingEdge – Syempre ganun talaga, pumapapel lang =))

    @Ed – Thanks Ed! Yup dami ako clothes puro SALE ko talaga nabibili =)) Tsaka sa ukay ukay eheh

    @Dimaks – Well dito kasi hindi typical magboots =))

    @Helena – Yes dear, Php135 lang 😛 I bought 5 pairs of shorts nga eh =))

    @Az – Thanks Kuya Az!

    @Dennison – Well I was wishing it’d rain hard, para naman may justification ang pagboboots ko LOL

    @Emil – Thank you!

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