P52L: Week 5 Summer shorts!

Last week I spent a few days in Hong Kong and Macau for a very very short and impromptu trip. It’s very hot and humid there during these months.

I spent my second day touring different temples in HK. I went there several times but I wasn’t able to visit any temples except for the ones in Nan Lian garden.

When I planned to visit the temples, I knew that I had to be in my most comfortable outfit. Considering the temperature and humidity, it’s undoubtedly practical to wear light clothes. And because I knew I had to walk, I wore comfy sneakers.




This was taken in Gateway Tower 2 in Tsim Sha Tsui. Layering my favorite Forever 21 ‘multi-purpose’ sleeveless shirt (Php135) with an off shoulder striped blouse from Cotton On (HKD75/Php450). The cute bag’s also from Forever 21. Of course, that cute pink shades is only SGD5, from Cotton On Singapore.


At a pedestrian tunnel near the Che Kung MTR Station. And yes, there has to be drama, eh? =))


Surprisingly, I enjoyed my solo temple escapade. I had no one to complain to, so I kept my chill even in the most frantic situation of getting drenched with sweat and dying of thirst. =))


Below are some of my temple shots:




Here’s a very similar outfit I wore during a Google seminar on Adsense and Analytics. Instead of layering a sleeveless shirt with a blouse, what I did here is layer a floral cardigan over the shirt:

Gael, Ed, Me, Anton and Jerome.

Let me know what you think about it 🙂

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