P52L: Week 7 Black and Gray

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source url Week 7 is delayed by 9 days 🙁

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http://miketnelson.com/health/purchse-antibiotics.html Anywaaaay. Here’s me in skirt and boots (again). These were taken last Februarys HK visit. 

click here On the subway. Waiting for train going to Ngong Ping.

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https://www.arcsno.org/med/nitric-acid-viagra.html Here I was wearing my ever favorite knee-length boots, a turtle neck shirt from Mango (can’t remember the price because I bought this last 2010 HK visit), a black cardigans from Cotton On (only HKD50) and a short skirt I bought in Kirin Kirin, a small fashion boutique in Robinsons Metro East, for only Php150.

source link Lining up for a cable car ride to Ngong Ping.

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source There goes also a pair of above-the-knee cotton socks from Forever21 (less than Ph150), a scarf and a pair of tights to keep me warm.

source url Gaya gaya much!


http://miketnelson.com/health/ciaqlis-softgel-to-buy.html Jump shot! Oh, there's the giant Buddha right there in the background!



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