P52L: Week 8 Bolinao Lighthouse

At Bolinao Lighthouse. Doing my infamous sakit-sa-tyan pose.

QUICK POST. Because I can’t find time these days. =))

I remember I got a compliment wearing this white beach dress in Boracay. A Caucasian woman came up to me and asked where I bought it because it’s really pretty. I got this in Boracay last year for only Php120. What’s nice with beach dress is that you can take it anywhere because it’s super light ( you can fold it or roll it and it’s really small I swear ) and you would only need a nice satin shawl and it would transform from a simple beach day dress to a fab night beach party dress.


The pair of pink sunnies above is from Cotton On in Singapore, bought it on sale for only SGD5. Colorful beaded bracelet is from Landmark department store for only Php30.


And of course, my ever reliable, versatile and can’t-live-without pair of pink flip flops from Havs.


I’m super excited to go back to Bolinao this weekend. Birthday party at Patar Beach with other travel bloggers! Yeay!


So there goes my Week 8. Bilis noh? HAHA

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