Pfut Pfut was born last night

His name is Pfut Pfut and he loves to squirt water out of his small beak. And yes, he's a penguin.

I got him from McDonalds, McKinley Hill. He’s cute, isn’t he? Now I have another thing that won’t leave me.

People leave you. Friends bail out on you — sometimes they can’t even notice that you need them. But these things — stuffed toys, happy meal toys, and even pillows — they won’t leave you, unless you throw them away.

And yes, I need a life. Srsly.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. Lubbi Bear, Lala, Teddy, Bozo, Krrreamy

    Kelangan silang mapiktyooran!

    Kaya lang si Lubbi Bear wala na pala, pinaglaruan ni Bozo (the dog, not the teddy bear)

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