Pink Salmon in Apple and Mini Bagel

pink salmon

Today I marinated pink salmon steak and salmon belly in lime, dried oregano leaves, salt and cracked pepper. Then I steamed the proteins for about 5-10minutes before I pan-seared it in cholesterol-free butter.

pink salmon

Pink Salmon with apple and mini bagel.

I topped the salmon belly over a mini bagel and thin slice of green apple.

I also prepared a “sauce” for the salmon steak by melting butter and adding lime to it. I also added dried oregano leaves to be consistent with the flavor.

pink salmon

The taste of salmon and apple is like fireworks in the mouth.

I love how the sweetness of green apple compliments the taste of lime in the fish. The crispy mini bagel added texture and contrast with the salmon which is very soft. Everything just came together and it works. I am very proud of this dish considering that I just thought about it on the fly when I was buying some stuff in the grocery.

I shared the dish with three of my officemates and they all liked it :’)

I want to spend more time (and more money, meh) cooking dishes like this. I want to learn more and be a very cool chef in the future haha. Cooking gives me a new perspective and a medium to be creative. Hmm this makes me want to have a food/recipe/cooking blog.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. shift na ng career! full time chef na dapat hahaha

    thanks cai! yummy ng salmon, esp ung belly :>

    abangan namin ung tuna next week a ;))

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