I Brave a Pixie Cut


I have been obsessing to get a pixie cut since I saw Emma Watson sport one. Since then, I would drool over pretty pictures of celebrities who carry a pixie cut like Katie Holmes, Elisha Cuthbert, Natalie Portman and Halle Berry. I wanted something like that but I chicken out every time I’m about to have the cut.

I first tried to get a pixie cut last November when I cut my hair super short. It wasn’t successful, I think. T’was just a short haircut. And then just three months later, I had another attempt for a pixie but I ended up having a nice bob that slants from back to front instead.


But yesterday, I went to the salon and made sure I will walk out of there happy with the haircut that I have been wanting so long. Usually I would go to Basement Salon in Shangri La for any of my hair needs (cut, color, treatment), but this time I went to Menage Salon in Gateway because (1) It’s nearer to my place and (2) Hair services cost less. My stylist in Basement would cost me Php1000 while the stylist I got in Menage was only Php400.


I asked K to take pictures for me. This is before the haircut. My hair grows faster than the usual hair growth, I don’t know why. In just four months, my hair grew about 5 to 5.5 inches. Usual hair growth is about 3/4 to an inch per month.


I had some pictures I got from the internet with me when I went to the salon. I showed it to the stylist and asked if I can pull off any of the styles. My ultimate inspiration really was Keri Hilson’s cut. I actually love everything about Keri, she’s like the hottest for me.


So after an hour, here’s what my hair looked like:


Totally hot. Pixie cut with longer sideburns so it would still look feminine. I was really scared I’d look like a boy so I asked to stylist to be really careful not to make it too short. I am really happy that it ended up looking like this.



I was hoping to look like a rockstar =))


With Joel Sandoy, Creative Director at Menage Salon in Gateway.

This is my stylist Joel Sandoy, I think he’s a Senior Stylist in Menage. With the gorgeous haircut that he gave me, I would highly recommend him if you want to get a fashionable cut. He’s really warm and he listens to me and really worked with me so I’d be satisfied with my cut.

To contact him, you may want to call the salon at (632) 911-1901.


With K. Dinner in Burgoo at SM The Block with his friends later that night. He said my cut's really hot. :')


If you are also thinking of getting a pixie cut, I suggest that you do proper research and long preparation. Make sure also that you’re really decided. I know. Hair grows back but if you’re that type who’s been used to wearing long hair for ages, it would take you some time to grow it back if ever you find your new cut uncomfortable.

[box type=”info”] Menage Salon Telephone 911 1901 Fax 912 7294 2Level Gateway Mall Araneta Center, Cubao[/box]

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