Pinkurinal’s Project 52 Looks

And this year I will have my own take on having a year-long project. I thought a 52-weeks project is more achievable than a 365-days one. So here’s what I have in mind: I’m gonna have something like a lookbook project. I actually find it a little narcissistic but I think it’s okay. Hahaha 😛

I’d like to think that somehow, there are girls out there who are inspired and have been influenced by my own statement. And while I may not be a fashionista, I still like to share whatever it is that compose my style.

Let's dress up and shoot! 🙂

When I was younger, I am more of the shirt-and-pants type of girl and being kikay’s very far from my personality. I don’t wear skirts except when going to church services. Well, you know what they say about how the wind changes, eh? Five years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined that someday I will get addicted to makeup and stuff like that, and I will finally dress myself stylishly and wear four-inches heels. Now, let’s see what I can come up with in this project. There’s lot of styles I would really really love to try and I hope I can pull it off. Am excited much!

Anyhoo, I hope I can keep up with this project and I hope you guys will support me. :’) And I hope my dear friends who are into photography would team up with me for a shoot. :’) *shout out to Winston, Josh, Ada, Mabel and all of you dear friends who enjoy photoshoot hahaha

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