Quick Update

Hello there!

I am just posting a quick update so you would know I am still alive LOL

I had not been updating for the past weeks because wonky laptop won’t connect to the internet in my new place, AMF I don’t know how to fix it. So I have no time to update my blogs (yes I can’t blog all I want at work, of course).

I have so many backlogs. Amf.

Also, I already claimed my Starbucks planner! Yey! My Belle de Jour planner hasn’t arrived yet, they said it was shipped last November 19, it’s already December 04!

What else? Hmm.. last weekend I got to meet some of my grade school classmates in a very humble mini get together. That story deserves a separate post, and I promise them that I’m gonna blog about it. *Sorry guys, uber busy talaga T__T*

That would be all for now. I will update soon.

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