Review: Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush

Yeay! Finally, I have my own Coastal Scents Pink Kabuki Brush! This item, along with my other makeup finds, arrived sometime last month. I ordered this one from the Coastal Scent site along with the Coastal Scents Pink Duo Fiber Powder Stippler brush (I will make a separate post for this one)


pink kabuki brush coastal scent

Yay! My Pink Kabuki Brush! (on top of my pink Suesh vanity case)

I first saw this Pink Kabuki Brush sometime in May last year. I so wanted one because, for the obvious reason, it’s pink – the handle is metallic pink, and the bristles are hot pink. Idk why other reviews say the bristles are made from synthetic hair. It’s not. I can tell that it’s not; there is this usual awkward smell from new brushes made from natural hair. The Coastal Scents site confirms that the bristles are made from combined goat and sable hairs. So if you are allergic to natural hair, the Coastal Scent Pink Kabuki Brush is NOT made of synthetic hair.

Ok, so what I love about this brush are the following:

  • It’s cheap. It’s only $4.99 or just around Php250. If you’re planning to buy this from the Coastal Scent site, you might also consider getting another product or two so you can save on shipping cost.
  • The bristles are very soft and very compact. But like what I’ve told you, natural hair brushes have awkward smell K It will fade eventually but it will take a while and a few washes.
  • It’s perfect for applying mineral makeup or just powder makeup. I alternately use this with my Ellana full face brush when applying my finishing powder, which is also from Ellana Minerals.
  • The very short handle gives you more control when blending powder makeup.
  • I just love that it’s pink. I feel so kikay whenever I use it.

What I don’t like about it are:

  • It smells awkward. It doesn’t have a bad smell though, just awkward.
  • Hairs would fall once in a while. But I think it’s normal for natural-hair brushes.
  • Everytime I wash it, the bristles on the outer part of the brush gets wavy. (you might have noticed that in the picture above)

So there. If you’re looking for a kabuki brush or if you’re thinking to get this pink kabuki brush too, I hope this review helps. :’)

Author: pinkurinal


  1. Oh this is just too cute!:) Was wondering, how much do you have to pay customs and etc once you get the products? Been meaning to buy some things from abroad but have been really apprehensive because of the customs horror stories.:s

  2. So far wala pa naman ako naeencounter na customs horror stories hihi 😛

    If you want, you can use POBOX.PH. Dun mo padeliver sa US warehouse ng POBOX ung mga binili online tas sila na magdeliver sayo dito, diretso sa door mo. If you want you can check POBOX.PH for more info 🙂

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