Scrapbooking Delight!

Few months ago, I crammed a birthday card for my friend Melai. I went through my old scrapbooking materials and I came up with this:

Scrapbooking love!

I feel inlove with scrapbooking when I was in grade school. I have invested a lot on my materials since then. Some of it I can still use until now. Some I just keep for memento. In the picture is my small shoe box with recent materials. I’m collecting stationaries, different sorts of buttons and beads, colored and glittered glue, stickers, colored strings of different kind, markers, colored pencils, metal trinkets, ribbons, and a lot more!

And if I have all the time in the world, I would still do this because it makes me feel free and happy. It unleashes my creative side and the colors are just wonderful I can get lost in scrapbooking for a whole day.

In college, when too messy won’t work good for me, I tried digital scrapbooking. It’s obviously like the usual paper scrapbooking but you do it on your computer. All the materials you could ever need is downloadable everywhere. I usually go to to either shop or grab their freebies. Then you would need a simple (or complex) editor like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Element, Scrapblog, PhotoMix or ScrapEase to put the creative elements together and you’re off to go. There’s a lot of digi scrapbooking tool online, you can play with them and choose anything that would suit your taste.

And when you’re all done making pages, you can either print it or just let it sit on your hard drive.

While I really enjoyed digital scrapbooking (mostly because materials can be downloaded for FREE), I would still prefer the old way of scrapbooking. It’s different when you can smell the papers, when you feel the texture of your materials, when you get your hands really sticky with glue or shiny shimmering splendid with glitters, and when you clean up the mess after you produced a beautiful page.

Included in my year-end task is to put-up a bulletin board and to buy more scrapbooking stuff. I am excited to go shopping for the materials next week.

Author: pinkurinal


  1. I’ve always wanted to make my own scrapbook when i was in high school. I have my own collection of HS classmate photos. I also had a number of photos taken for this year. Unfortunately, i didn’t print them out. Hmmm… maybe making a 2009 scrapbook is not a bad idea after all, right? 😀

  2. I recall giving a scrapbooking starter kit gift (that includes a cd tutorial) to a friend and she became an active scrapbook hobbyist since.

    I agree with you that nothing beats using real stuff to make one.

    Happy New Year Cai!

  3. @Louis – haha kung pwede lang eh! Grabe andami kong gustong gawin!! wooot excited ako para dun sa bago kong blog wooot ~=>

  4. Happy new year!!! late greeting… hehe

    Mas ok ung old school na pagscrapbook, para sakin.. mas may creativity and value… hehehe

    ang ganda… lalo na siguro pagpersonal nakita… 😀

  5. @Dale yup mas love ko nga ung old school scrapbooking. masaya lang sa digiscrapbooking andaming downloadable materials tas free pa haha

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